MAGNIFY Program (14-18 y/o)

MAGNIFY Program is a STEM + Arts facilitated online 6 month program for students between 14-18 years of age. The goal is to increase the participant’s ability to succeed in school through working in teams on projects of value to the community AND to their personal growth, while building skills under the enticing umbrella of technology and the arts. VISIT WEBSITE  for program enrollment requirements and syllabus information.

T.h.i.n.k. PROGRAM

T.H.I.N.K. workshops for students 1st – 8th grade and educators to build confidence and increase awareness about cyber, physical and verbal bullying. Learn more about T.H.I.N.K. in English or Spanish!


Back to School NOT Back to Cruel

More than 15 million kids live in extreme poverty in the U.S. and arrive on the first day of school without the supplies they need to learn. ‘Back to School NOT Back to Cruel’ initiatives provide FREE  book bags, school supplies, and information packages to keep kids safe! If you or someone you know needs school supplies, please let us know!

Families Against Bullying (FAB)

Our National Community Outreach initiative hosts hundreds of youth and families each year for a day of community activities, peer support and entertainment!  Click HERE for HIGHLIGHTS from our 2021 Community Event!

Families Against Bullying Event
FSP Ambassadors


Includes Community Leaders and Celebrities (youth and adult). If interested in knowing more about our Ambassador Program, please CONTACT us.

Linda Spooner, JD., MD., Resilience Scholarship (LSRS)

LSRS seeks to increase awareness of what resilience means and what an important quality it is to cultivate throughout our lives. The scholarship is intended to award students and adults who have been affected by bullying, and who have used resilience to survive, overcome and thrive.

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We're committed to providing a platform for performing arts enthusiasts in an environment that embraces collaboration, improvisation, unique presentation and artistic freedom.

The Magic of MAGNIFY

MAGNIFY's mission is to provide a second chance to teens who were never given a first one, but the magic doesn't stop there. Take 3 minutes of your time to see how MAGNIFY works from the inside out. This program is built by individuals who have experienced MAGNIFY's gift of a second chance in their own life.

Celebrating the accomplishments of our Youth Ambassadors!

Congratulations Zhoei Aujanay (IG @Zhoei.aujanay) and all of the esteemed Class of 2021! Zhoei is a college bound phenomenal basketball player who is capable of anything she sets her mind on. Raised by two incredible moms, who have taught her to be the kind of woman who believes that she is capable of amazing things. We're proud to support Zhoei in all her future endeavors!

Families Against Bullying (FAB)

Our National Community Outreach initiative host hundreds of youth and families each year for a day of community activities, peer support and entertainment!  Check back soon for a schedule of dates and locations!

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