The 2021 Dr. Linda Spooner, JD., MD., Resilience Scholarship Grant Award Recipients!

Isaiah Pierce 14 is a freshman at Camden Prep High School in Camden NJ and experience bullying from a young age. Isaiah’s primary supporters include Sharon Council-Harris, his grandmother, Kathryn Council, aunt and Jared Council, uncle. Isaiah has an insatiable appetite for music. In his free time he is either practicing classical piano, crafting his own beats, or composing his own lyrics and songs. He hopes to one day become a music producer and “impact the world through [his] music.” Having overcome many obstacles, he hopes to inspire young people like himself to put their faith in God and to find the symphony that is inside of them.  His desire is to introduce a personal musical experience to children by giving them access to their own instruments as a means to help them build their confidence, find joy and overcome trauma through the healing elements of music. He is currently working to collect gently used and new instruments to donate to children in his community. 

Nasir Sampson, 14 is currently a homeschooled student from Philadelphia PA. He had been in the foster system since the age of five until he was recently adopted by his loving cousin Martina Sampson. He attended a Charter school in Philadelphia and passed through numerous foster homes.  On this journey he was bullied by different classmates by telling him he doesn’t have a mom or that he was a foster child and this left a negative impact on his self-esteem. Despite those challenges Nasir has maintained high grades.  He aspires to attend Drexel University and perhaps become a Mechanic or Engineer.

The LSRS Virtual Award Ceremony was held on Sunday, December 12th 3pm-4pm ET, 2021 in honor of our exsteem recipients.  Here are some highlights from the virtual celebration for Isaiah and Nasir! 

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Dr. Linda Spooner, JD., MD., Resilience Scholarship Grant (LSRS)


Introducing the Dr. Linda Spooner, JD., MD., Resilience Scholarship (LSRS) Grant Award!  Our beloved Dr. Linda Spooner (March 31, 1950 – July 12, 2018), Executive Officer Board Vice Chair was the epitome of resilience. She was a Board-certified Internal Medicine physician who had a successful career encompassing academic and hospital medicine, private practice and executive leadership in a large health system for more than twenty years.  She served as an independent consultant to a host of hospitals across the country regarding quality issues and compliance with Medicare regulations and operating requirements.  An accomplished evidence-based leadership coach, Dr. Spooner concentrated on leadership development, enhancing resilience, health and wellness coaching.  Her wellness coaching interests particularly embrace a wide spectrum – women’s health, LGBTQ health, nutrition and stress reduction to achieve optimal health.  In honor of her extraordinary life and career, we’re pleased to launch our first Scholarship Grant Program in her memory.

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Dr. Linda Spooner, JD., MD.

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Mary Spooner Rocca, LSRS Program Chairperson





Mission Statement

The Linda Spooner, JD, MD Resilience Scholarship seeks to increase awareness of what resilience means and what an important quality it is to cultivate throughout our lives. The scholarship is intended to award students and adults who have been affected by bullying, and who have used resilience to survive, overcome and thrive.

Vision Statement

The Scholarship is awarded to individuals who represent the concept and practice of resilience through the examples they set for others. Applicants may utilize resilience to overcome bullying through personal example, education, or leadership development. Candidates may have experienced bullying directly, or helped someone else by lending their strength and resilience to someone who needed it.

2022 GRANT Applications will be accepted October 1 – November 15, 2022 at midnight.  

FSP Against Bullying seeks to fund anti-bullying initiatives whether in communities or schools everywhere. You may apply for a grant by filling out this very short online application FORM and submitting it along with a short essay, audio or video.  Individuals who meet the categories described below are all encouraged to apply!  NOTE:  Employees and Board Members are not eligible to apply.

Grant Awards range from $100-$1,000

Submission Categories

Four (4) Categories:

  1. Elementary School – (Grades 5-8 or ages 10 – 13)
  2. High School – (Grades 9-12 or ages 14-18)
  3. College or Vocational School (Ages 19-25)
  4. Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Community Partners (Ages 18+)

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