Global Impact

‘Each One, Reach One’ Initiative

Menstrual Health Curriculum Presentation at Children’s Heaven Day School – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – March 13, 2020

Our Founder, Kati ‘Jazz’ Gray-Sadler is a fierce advocate for Women’s Equity, Health, Wellness and an ambassador for The Cup Foundation! The Cup Program tries to support vulnerable adolescent girls living in challenging environments by putting them at center of a community engagement program. There are many challenges surrounding girls growing up in difficult environments. Poverty is one of the key contributing factors but also the taboo to talk or even mention sex or menstruation. Gender inequality sits in where women are seen and feel they are of less value and need to be submissive to men. Starting with a cup, it’s possible to tackle taboos and start talking about subjects that are often avoided by adults about youths.

Adolescent girls belong to one of the most vulnerable groups in society wherever they find themselves in the world. If youths are left unprepared and unsupported during this dramatic phase of life, it can affect their education, dignity, health and future opportunities. If unprepared when entering puberty they might be unaware of the dangers that surround them and are at risk for sexual abuse. The majority of girls in developing countries have low levels of knowledge about their bodies and of their sexual and reproductive rights due to the taboo. We invite you to join the movement to End Period Poverty!

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