About us

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Our mission

Our mission is to support families and individuals (both children and adults) who have been affected by bullying or abuse through programs and resources by working alongside community based organizations with Anti-Bullying initiatives or campaigns.  READ MORE

Our Approach

FSP AGAINST BULLYING is a community initiative that supports safe spaces and increase awareness about bullying in schools,  home and in the workplace. We share, encourage & support anti-bullying campaigns through supportive and informative resources & volunteerism.

Your first communication with us starts with a confidential conversation or email. We’ll take the time to understand  your unique challenges, so that we may guide you toward resources that best suit your needs.

Meet the Team

It takes a team of dedicated staff and volunteers to make sure FSP Against Bullying is reaching out to as many communities as it can so people everywhere can have access to resources and services.

We’re fortunate to have some of the best people dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

Priya Merchant, (she/her) Executive Director of Programs

Priya is key leadership responsible for oversight of Programs in accordance with our organizations’ strategic plan, organizational goals and objectives that support the plan.

Nikki Kane (she/her), Program Manager – MAGNIFY STEAM Program Design & Marketing Lead

MAGNIFY is a facilitated online 6-month program for at risk learners, in danger of falling through the cracks (9th – 12th Grade or ages 14 -18). The goal is to increase their ability to succeed in school through working in teams on projects of value to the community AND to their personal growth, while building skills. The focus of the projects will be bullying prevention, helping those undergoing bullying, and building awareness of the signs of bullying.

Mark Phillips (he/him), Program Manager, MAGNIFY  STEAM Program Content Development Lead

Mark is responsible to assessing and making recommendations to improve programs to support the strategic direction of our organization.

Katrina Raymundo (she/her), Partnership Development

Katrina helps us to cultivate partnerships and collaborations whose goals align and develop infrastructures that support some of the most underserved communities.

Beatrice Smith (she/her), Marketing & Communications

Bea helps to manage and coordinate all marketing, advertising and promotional activities across all programs and initiatives

Desiree Peterkin Bell (she/her), Lead Ambassador Coordinator

Desiree is CEO of DP Bell Associates, Inc. an astute Marketing Strategist and Brand Ambassador with more than twenty years in the industry.

Ambassadors agree to;

  • Promote our organization through their network with an objective to increase awareness and driving visibility
  • Attend at least one community / public event hosted by the Organization per year.
  • Promote events and awareness initiatives online/social media (Facebook @fspagainstbullying, Instagram @fspagainstbullying, Twitter @fspagainstbully
  • Participate in monthly virtual meetings with the Director of Ambassadors
  • Adoring FSP Against Bullying – logo pins, T-Shirts and/or other branded accessories at special events.
  • Speak on behalf of organization at Special events as needed and/or availability permits.

If interested in becoming an ambassador, please contact us.

Deandrea ‘DD’ Myrick (he/him), Lead Educational Facilitator, Educational & Awareness

‘DD’ is a Motivational and Youth Speaker, Author specializing in special needs and disability advocacy and inclusion. We invite you to learn more about T.H.I.N.K. Bullying Prevention Program for students and educators to build confidence and increase awareness about cyber, physical and verbal bullying.

Li Zhu (she/her) Lead Database Administrator.

Li is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and security measures of our databases. Her duties include monitoring and updating malware protection software to combat potential security breaches, creating account data for authorized individuals to access databases and organizing databases so individuals can find important documents in an efficient manner.

Joseph M. Yeager (he/him), MBA, Consultant – Cyberbullying Expert

Joe is the founder of Safety Net of PA, LLC, which works with schools and community groups to promote better cyber safety in the greater Philadelphia area.  Joe is also the lead coordinator for our Back to School NOT Back to Cruel initiative held at various mall locations.

Tia Sadler (she/her), International Liaison, Community Engagement, Organizational Committee

Trevor assures bullying prevention practices and resource tools are shared throughout the United States and with global communities and partnerships in England, Japan, Ethiopia and Kenya.  Tia is one of the esteemed recipients of the 2021 Hero Award by the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund!

FSP Against Bullying – Overview

The purpose of this overview is to share key descriptors of our organization. It includes information that will help interested external candidates better assess their fit with our organization and better understand the organization’s goals and beneficiaries. Speakers: Kati ‘Jazz’ Gray-Sadler, Founder/Board President, Ruth D. Smith, Education and Awareness Committee and Chair Jane Oeffner, Executive Director of Programs Candidate.  Click Here to View

Our Board Members

Meet our awesome board members and contact us if you are interested to become one!

Meet our Board Members