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When you, your child, or someone close to you is being bullied, there are many steps to take to help resolve the situation. Learn the basics of bullying. If you have done everything you can to resolve the situation and nothing has worked, or someone is in immediate danger, there are ways to get help.

Bullying prevention

Learn how to take a public health approach to bullying prevention and earn continuing education.

Lead in your communities

Use this presentation module to lead bullying prevention efforts in your local community.

Organize events

Create a community event using the research, ideas and bullying prevention and response strategies.


Designed for trainers to assist teachers in cultivating meaningful relationships with students while creating a positive climate in the classroom.

School Bus Drivers

Designed for trainers to assist school bus drivers in cultivating meaningful relationships with students while creating a positive climate on the school bus.

Learn From Others

The Take Action Today booklet features stories of how different community leaders are working hard to prevent bullying in their schools and their communities.

Anti bullying laws and policies per state

Find out how your state refers to bullying in its laws and what they require on part of schools and districts.

Cyber-bullying Facts – Top 10 Forms of Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is a fast growing crime targeting children and teenagers. Learn about top 10 common forms of cyber bullying in this video.


Your stories and ideas are important to us! FSP Chronicles is our quarterly newsletter that’s available on the first Wednesday of each quarter!  Each issue raises consciousness about the affects of bullying, how to organize communities, shares engaging stories including What's New, events, and ideas…

Please contact us to submit a request to be featured in upcoming issues or give us your feedback.


Work with stakeholders



We maintain a catalogue of children’s and young adult book that tell stories and address bullying situations.  Maintain resource books and periodicals for educators and families to improve understanding, communication and prevent bullying behaviors.



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Every wonder what texting acronyms and word codes mean?  How about Sexting?  Here's a downloadable glossary and reference guide to help you understand these terms, communicate and prevent bullying behaviors.




We’re proud to provide literacy and school supplies to Children’s Heaven, A Non-Profit Sanctuary For Destitute Ethiopian Girls in Ethiopia!
Children's Heaven offers supportive & developmental services to children who have lost one, or both, of their parents to HIV/AIDS. Operating 5 days a week to provide clothing, medication, Life skills, school supplies, and more.
There are countless single and double-orphaned children in need of support, schooling and love. We're planning to bring them a year better than any other, through your generosity and dedication.
Children’s Heaven is a comprehensive day program that runs year round to provide support for extremely impoverished girls that have been affected, either directly or indirectly, by Africa’s HIV/AIDS staggering epidemic.
Children’s Heaven ensures that every child that joins its community of love and sisterhood is provided food, clothing, shelter, education and necessary skills for adulthood–providing assistance until vocational or college graduation.

Learn more about Children's Heaven

We were delighted to Teach Menstrual Health Wellness to girls between 11-18 on March 14 2020.  Here's a short video from that session: CLICK HERE

Children's Heaven2



Our Founder, Kati 'Jazz' Gray-Sadler is a fierce Advocate for Women's Health Wellness and Ambassador for The Cup Foundation!  The Cup Program tries to support vulnerable adolescent girls living in challenging environments in a holistic manner putting them at centre of a community engagement program. There are many challenges surrounding girls growing up in difficult environments. Poverty is one of the key contributing factors but also the taboo to talk or even mention sex or menstruation and the culturally inborn gender inequality where women are seen and feel they are of less value and need to be submissive to men. Starting with a cup it's possible to tackle taboos and start talking about subjects that are often avoided by adults around youths.

Adolescent girls belong to one of the most vulnerable groups in society wherever they find themselves in the world. If youths are left unprepared and unsupported during this dramatic phase of life, it can affect their education, dignity, health and future opportunities. If unprepared when entering puberty they might be unaware of the dangers that surround them and are at risk for sexual abuse. The majority of girls in developing countries have low levels of knowledge about their bodies and of their sexual and reproductive rights due to the taboo.

We invite you to join the movement to End Period Poverty!  Check out video about The Cup by Lunette, our Partners and Commitment HERE!

Kenya classroom the cup in kenya